The undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree program provides students with a thorough foundation and comprehensive training for art as a humanistic activity.  The program prepares students who wish to become practicing artists, go on to graduate study or professional school, or diverge into related professional and academic fields. The department curriculum specializes in critical thinking and adaptable visual and conceptual skills that are key to any of these future plans.

Within the art major, students may choose to emphasize in a specific area of study; painting, drawing, print and book arts, sculpture or spatial studies, photography, performance & video, electronic arts, digital media, and critical theory, or establish an interdisciplinary body of work. Our 160 art majors have many additional opportunities that make our program exceptional: internships, student exhibitions, off-campus projects, field trips, faculty assistantships, courses in the College of Creative Studies, the Art Department Honors Program, and regular visiting artists and speakers.  These opportunities offer different ways to succeed in the program.  The department’s undergraduate advisor helps students in planning the appropriate coursework to meet their goals and objectives.

For detailed information about the undergraduate program at the Department of Art, download our informational PDF files.